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tv   Action News  ABC  June 25, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> june 25th, here's what's happening. >> all new this morning, two teens are recovering after being shot. now, police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger. >> and could another bridge scandal be on the horizon for new jersey governor chris christie. >> accuweather is tracking rain to our west right now but there's a chance for heavy downpours later today. >> let's find out more about that. i know david murphy has been keeping his eyes on this and tracking it. he's got your accuweather and karen rogers has a lot the tell you when it comes to traffic. good morning to the two of you. >> we're dry to start out. take a look at satellite. we'll even see sunshine mixing
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with clouds through the first part of the day. it looks like during the afternoon a couple of showers are possible here and there but the big issue will be thunderstorms later this evening and most of those are going to be in the northern and western suburbs. more on that coming up with our full forecast in a couple of minutes. this morning 73 degrees in philadelphia. 70's just about everywhere so warmer this morning than it's been the last couple of mornings and the humidity is much more noticeable. it's very muggy as you step outside this morning and unfortunately it stays on the humid side today. your temperatures are going to be warm and continuing to get warmer in a hurry. 77 degrees by 9 o'clock. by noon we're up to 84 degrees. in fact we'll probably hit 80 around 10 o'clock this morning and by 3 o'clock, 87. we're actually going for a high of 88 degrees and that is probably going to be at about four 4 o'clock before we slide back to 85 by 6 o'clock. very humid today. and again, as we get through the afternoon a spotty shower is possible. as we get toward evening a thunderstorm possible and karen, those could produce drenching downpours and lots of lightning especially in the northern and western suburbs. future tracker 6 with more on
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that coming up. >> all right, david, taking a live look at 95 nearly a gain. we had construction blocking two lanes just cleared a second ago as david was talking right here. things are looking okay but we have some residual slowing with that construction that was blocking not one but two lanes on i-95 southbound. looking at the big picture we still have 13th street blocked near race street. watch for that. if you're in the area stick to broad or 11th street and the phils play tonight at 7:05 so, yes, you'll see congestion there in south philadelphia. we've got some emergency construction going on even at this early hour and it's because of a problem in pottstown montgomery county. we had an earlier truck fire so route 100 northbound is blocked at at this point between slew maker road and state street. stick to hanover or charlotte street. both good alternates to deal with that. and in hamilton township mercer county we've got a downed traffic signal and it's out there blocking the right lane. it's on 33 eastbound past 295 so watch for that one, tam. >> oh, thank you, karen. new here on "action news" two teenagers are nursing gun shot wounds this morning after being lit by a shower of
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bullets in philadelphia's grays ferry section. "action news" reporter katherine scott is joining us live from police headquarters. she's got latest on the investigation. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. and those two injured teenagers are in stable condition, and police are still trying to sort this one out. they're not sure yet if those teens were targeted or if they were caught in the crossfire. it all remains under investigation this morning but this all happened around 10 o'clock last night in grays ferry. police were called out to the 1600 block of south 30th street and that's where the shooting happened. at least 11 shots were fired. the 15-year-old told police he was riding his bicycle when he heard the shots and then he was hit in his hand and grazed in his thigh. he continued riding to his grandmother's house which is about a half a block away and that's where police found him and took him to chop. the 14-year-old boy was grazed in his shoulder. he also lived nearby and managed to make it home and that's where police found him. he was also taken to the hospital. police are looking for surveillance cameras to try to get a better description of
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the gunman and try to figure out exactly what happened here. >> the only description we have is the shooter was one of two males who fled the scene. both of these males have similar descriptions. both wearing white t-shirts blue jeans and sneakers, fled on foot in an unknown direction. >> reporter: and again the circumstances surrounding this shooting remain under investigation. call police with any tips. we're live at police headquarters, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> thanks katherine. a philadelphia police officer is facing charges that she prodded her own children to get involved in fights. 35-year-old tamika gross a veteran of the 16th district allegedly took her teenaged children to fights with other youngsters, encouraged them to fight and even took part in some of the confrontations herself. >> that kind of thuggish behavior is just unacceptable. it happened on more than one occasion. she not only encouraged her child to fight she participated in the fight. i mean, come on, that's just not the way you do things. >> the fights date back to
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2012. gross faces charges of corruption of minors and simple assault. >> it is almost 5: 05. happenings today the preliminary hearing for the fired chester county music teacher accused of child sexual abuse. prosecutors chargeed anton fomin with attempted aggravated indies sent assault. he assemblily abused three students during individual private lessons at the malvern school of music. he's also shown photos to children. >> a progress report of repair work on the 495 bridge. federal highway officials say the pile caused support columns to tilt. and work has been slowed by industrial contamination found at the site. soil samples found elevated levels of lead iron and arsenic in the top 15 feet of the soil. at least 700 southwest philadelphia residents are without gas service and could
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be for days to come. 40,000 gallons of water seeped out of a broken water main and into a gas main at 56th and woodland. so, pgw turned off the gas. some of the water made it into the gas meters and some appliances in customers' homes. what a mess. crews have been vacuuming out all the water but the process could take days. >> ooh. that's rough, that is rough. and our weather is going to be a bit rough this evening. >> yeah, tonight we got thunderstorms and ahead of that, tam, just high humidity. it already feels muggy out there. storm tracker 6 live double scan and we have no precipitation just yet. as we take a look outside, we've got muggy conditions as i mentioned. now, there's sky 6 looking down at penn's landing. doesn't look all that foggy or anything like that but you go outside and you can feel the humidity much hire today than it was yesterday and it's on its way up. 73 degrees right now in philadelphia, 72 in wilmington. 70 in allentown. 70 in trenton and 72 in sea isle city so numbers are a
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little bit warmer this morning than they were this time yesterday and dewpoints are already up in the mid 60's and they're probably climbing toward about 70 and when you get dewpoints at 70 that's what we start to call oppressive air. future tracker 6 shows that you during the morning it's basically just clouds mixing with some sun. we do have the chance of a spotty shower from about noon on through the rest of the afternoon but obviously you can see that it's not all that bad. we get up to 5 o'clock, though, and out north and west of the area you're going start to see some showers and some thunderstorms build in and after that some of this will start to pop through the northern and western suburbs. now, it looks like between 6:00 and 10 o'clock most of the action is north side and west of philadelphia but notice how some of these storms are producing drenching downpours. whenever you get that, you can get somewhat gusty winds but the other big issue tonight will be lots of lightning, okay, so the big time period for this would be the evening and it will be the worst north and west. so, that's the main idea with the storms that we're going to see today and where they hit they could produce a quick 2-inches of rain in less than
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an hour. that means localized flooding. where you lap to see these and frequent lightning again, these will be spotty but where they hit they'll cause problems. the other big issue is that high humidity. it is going to feel oppressive during most of the day especially when the sun is out later today and into the afternoon. up in allentown a high of 84, very humid and an afternoon shower or thunderstorm can't be ruled out. a little better chance later tonight and then down the shore 72 to 75 in your ocean. 78 degrees at noon and probably about 82 in most shore spots down along the beach. it will feel more humid on the beach but of course you've got that nice ocean water to take a dip. do be careful of a late day or evening storm. again, these are mostly going to be north and west but just in case something pops down the shore we want to remind you about that. in philadelphia a high of 88 degrees today, very humid, spotty storms and showers during the afternoon and especially later this evening. again, most of the stuff farther to the north and west. and here's how numbers are going to go. by 11 o'clock at 77 degrees and we're going get up to 88 in the afternoon.
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84 degrees is your first pitch temperature for the phillies tonight, 77 in the ninth inning, very muggy, perhaps a shower but i think they get the game in. the big issue will be that mug go air. you want to keep cool drinks going tonight. humid conditions today in the accuweather 7-day, a high all the way up to 88 degrees, some afternoon showers and perhaps some late day storms. then on thursday still unsettled, a high of 87 degrees. looks like we'll still have a lingering shower or maybe a thunderstorm around on thursday as that front doesn't fully pull out of here until later in the day on thursday. then friday it's sunny and warm with a high of 86 but the humidity should be going down. saturday mostly sunny and 85 and sunday a mix of clouds and sun with a chance of a couple of showers or thunderstorms but not a washout. highs still in the 80's. notice how on tuesday we're back up to 90. >> okay. >> yikes. get ready. >> thank you david. it's 5:09. coming up on "action news" another bridge scandal is rocking new jersey governor chris christie's administration. >> and more world cup drama. at least one player from
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uruguay has a clear hunger for goals and perhaps his opponents as well. we'll explain. karen. >> conshohocken right now, the blue route past the schuylkill looking pretty good right here. we're going to take you to bucks county coming up in our suburban traffic report next. >> and coming up in the morning buzz what does your refrigerator say about your love life? >> i don't want do know. >> me, neither. morning b
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. >> ♪ there at the peco building. it is 5:12, 73 degrees. it's still -- we're moving our
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way into dawn but it does look a little gray and it's just about right. david says looks out for pretty strong thunderstorms later this evening. >> first we'll led over to karen rogers researchers who has a look at the roads this morning. hey, karen. >> yeah, time to check the suburbs. we know you have to wake up a little earlier in the suburbs to get up and get going. in bucks county, route 1 past pennsylvania avenue, good shot of the roads that are clear and dry at this point. so, no weather-related issues affecting your morning commute. southbound at 213 we had overnight construction but that's cleared, too, so you're looking pretty good right here in bucks county. let's take you to the maps here. in pottstown route 100 northbound is reopened between slew maker road and state street. they had some emergency construction that i talked about a little bit ago and it just cleared so things looking better for you right now. route 100 is nice and opened. northeast extension northbound here watch for this, it's construction blocking the right lane past lansdale and past quakertown as well, so the right lane blocked in a couple of spots on the northeast extension with the construction workers out there
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this morning. sometime for your commuter traffic report which you can be a part of when you download the free waze app. i've got it right here on the ipad. someone talking about a pothole. we know they've been all over the place. they've repaired so many of them but still this one on rich road in west rockhill township that might get you so look for that. 73 degrees right now in philadelphia. it's warm out there already. warmer than yesterday. and we are dealing with higher humidity as well. feeling rather oppressive at 73 degrees currently and no weather related problems for your morning commute so far, erin. >> thanks so much, karen. more questions are now swirling around new jersey governor chris christie and once again they involve a bridge. the manhattan district attorney's office and the securities and exchange commission are investigating whether christie's administration misrepresented a project to repair the pulaski skyway. that's the iconic bridge in the opening credits of the sopranos. investigators are focused on whether christie's staffers won funding by labeling the project as something it was
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not. >> developing right now sunni militants launched a dawn raid on a iraqi oil refinery. they have been pushed back by security forces. meanwhile the pentagon confirms that about half the 300 american advisors and special op forces set to go to iraq are now in baghdad. meantime secretary of state john kerry met with kurdish leaders and urged them to join a unified government. he's warning that with the current course it will be violent and deadly for all sides. indeed a thousand people have been killed in iraq this month. but there does not seem to be an appetite for a strong american response. a new abc news washington post poll found two-thirds of americans are opposed to sending ground troops to help fight the extremists. >> 5:15 now. new this morning uruguay's star soccer player has been charged with biting an italian player in yesterday's world cup match. fifa has charged luis suarez with biting defender giorgio
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chilean during uruguay's one-zero win over italy. the win put uruguay in the round of 16 and knocked italy out of the tournament. fifa's disciplinary board finds suarez guilty the rules call for him to be banned from at least two matches. a decision must be published before saturday when uruguay plays column colombia in the round of 16 match. phils manager ryne sandberg says his team has to do a better job of scoring runs early in the game. the players respond d to that call last night at citizens bank park against the miami marlins. the home team crossed the plate three times in the first inning. the phils packed on four more runs later in the game to beat the marlins seven to four. the two teams face each other again tonight in a third game of the four game series. >> 5:16 now. coming up disturbing video of a man who was literally stabbed in the back in new york city. we'll tell you what he did next. >> and details on why a woman
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nearly climbed into the lion's cage at a zoo down south causing a big stir. >> and check out our accuweather and "action news" apps any time with our 6abc family of apps. they're all three at the apple and google app stores.
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i love the taste. always smooth, never bitter. my cup of coffee is always awesome when i go to dunkin'. man: i see the steam rising off the cup, 'cause you know it's a fresh pot. man: one cup a day for sure. two if need be. and it's usually "need be." dunkin' -- your place for coffee. >> new this morning, a memphis tennessee zoo officially kicked a woman out after she climbed over a barrier to the kicked a woman out after she
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kept and tried to feed them cookies because lions of course are known to like cookies. the woman jumped over the barrier and started singing to the lions all in front of patrons. neither the woman nor the lions were hurt. the spokesperson says the woman will not be allowed back into the facility. >> probably not. they were new cookies. >> she may have a couple of issues, singing him a lullaby early in the morning. norristown markley street here at main street, this is a very close shot of the roads which we can see are clear and dry this morning, so you're off to a pretty good start right there. how about hamilton township mercer county a downed traffic signal blocking the right lane on 33 eastbound past 295 and in hammonton atlantic county we've got route 30 both ways between 206 and sea grove avenue, some construction restricting traffic, dave. >> all right, karen, my twitter follower lynn is on the big board this morning reporting 70 degrees in blackwood new jersey. in fact most of us are in the low 70's right now.
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the other thing, it is on the muggy side and saying that way today, too. if you're catching the bus or the el, let's hope the ac is working. 77 by 9 o'clock, noon 84, our high today is going to be 88 degrees around 4 o'clock today and it is going to be very humid. in fact oppressively so as we go through the day. there is the chance of a spotty shower during the afternoon. better chance of a thunderstorm will be later in the evening especially in the northern and western suburbs. that's the way it looks like everything is tracking. on the board, looks like we're not going to see any major delays on our east coast cities or towards chicago. we have had some delays related to weather down in dallas and houston this morning. those are the hubs for united airlines and american airlines much maybe you have a connection problem there. most of us okay though. today's high a muggy 88, tam. >> thank you david. going to health check 3-d mammograms may be better at finding cancer than regular
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scans. the 3-d detected one additional cancer compared with conventional exams. there were 15 percent fewer false alarms. the procedure has draw backs including higher costs less insurance coverage and more radiation. >> spring season experienced a huge spike in the housing market and a handwritten here ricks for bob dylan's song just sold for a huge price. abc's renna ninan has more. >> reporter: good morning to you. topping america's money new home sales soaring to their highest levels since may 2008. sales surging past what experts had forecast. with the northeast and west seeing the biggest increases and prices are up 7% from last year. ford unveiled its secret weapon to boost global sales its sports utility vehicle. the 2015 edge. the crossover features enhanced engine options and 20 new technologies. for the first time keurig is offering coffee lovers more than one cup at a time. the new couric 2.0 can make a
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whole carafe of coffee at once. it can remember how strong you like it and how many cups you prefer. the original manuscript for bob dylan's like a rolling stone second a record at auction selling for 2 million dodges it's considered one of the most influential songs in rock and roll history and that's america's money. i'm renna ninan. >> 5:23. up next a frightening scene outside of a mcdonald's. wait until you see what customers saw walking through the door. >> plus, more news you did not see last night. a car plows into a delaware home overnight. why the driver was taken into custody. that's ahead at 5:30. [ hair dryer whirring ]
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couldn't resist. try the new dannon oikos greek frozen yogurt. ♪ dannon. now what if i told youok a hotel you can save up to 60%,me first. but you couldn't know the name until after you book? did i say never? i didn't mean it. ♪ >> new here on "action news" a man in new york city stumbled into a mcdonald's with a large kitchen knife sticking out of his back. customers scrambled to help him while others pulled out their cell phones taking pictures like this. police say the 50-year-old got into a fight with two other men prompting one of those men to stab him in the upper back. he managed to walk a block to the golden arches. he's in serious condition at a new york city hospital. no arrests have been made. >> ♪ >> in the morning buzz, something to consider if you're dating and people come something to consider if fridge. somebody has specialized in what your refrigerator says about you and here's what john
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stone hill says. he says you should keep this in your refrigerator bottled water wine beer appetizer things and things for snack. he says if you have fruit and bottled water it says you're healthy. beer and wine says you're a good host or hostess. few choose generic it says you care about money but if you have premium brands you're willing to pay a little more. you like quality but if you have too much takeout or too many condiments it suggests there whoever is dating you should move on because you're really not looking to settle down and of course clean and organized also tells a little bit about how the person is in the rest of their life. >> the most fascinating thing i find about that story is that there's a person who specializes in that. >> i think there are people who figure out how to get paid for nothing. gunfire erupts in philadelphia leaving two teens shot. police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger. >> plus, the latest on severe weather, what has hammered much of the country's midsection for days is now leaving places damaged and
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flooded. a look at the destruction when "action news" continues.
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>> fire forces a family out of their home and sends several people to the hospital in south jersey. >> bullets fly on a philadelphia street leaving two teens hurt. we are live with the latest on the search for the gunman. >> accuweather says a muggy morning could then be leading to some drenching downpours later today. >> good morning, it is 5:30 on later today. >> matt o'donnell is off. erin o'hearn is joining us. let's go over to david murphy. he's got a lot on what we're expecting today and karen rogers is watching the roads. good morning. >> our first change today is obvious as soon as you step outside. it just feels a lot more muggy out there all because of a cold front out to the west encourageing a southerly flow. this has been going on all night. now we're fairly humid ahead of this. notice rain out to the west of us. might be a shower this afternoon but the bigger issue will be in the northern and western suburbs later this evening when heavy downpour producing thunderstorms are possible. my twitter follower karen in west chester pennsylvania reports 73 muggy degrees right now and in


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